June 20, 2019
Blake King Atlanta

The first position Blake King of Atlanta held after graduating with a degree from the University of Georgia came after an arduous job search in the wake of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. That first job involved assisting individuals with reducing the size of debt payments on money they owed. Even that job followed his basic philosophy, which is to make sure any career he took on helped as many people as possible to live a better life. Blake King truly believes that much of what he knows cannot be taught in a sales school or a seminar; it’s only learned through experience and practice.

From the beginning, Blake King showed himself to be quite adept at showing people how to reduce their debt payments every month. He was also very good at getting them lower interest rates, which allowed them to get out of debt more quickly than otherwise. One reason Blake King has been so successful in the Atlanta financial services industry and in the marketing industry in general is because he possesses a natural ability to articulate his ideas in ways that makes sense, which brings them the best value.